A Youth Filled Trip Across the West Bank

Michael Watson and Pastor Davy travelled across the Mighty Zambezi River (via dug out canoes) on Sunday 27 March to preach at a youth gathering that was taking place in Kambuya village on the remote West Bank plains. The gathering was with a youth group from the Churches of Nazerene which Pastor Davy oversees.

Both Michael and Pastor Davy had the opportunity to share the Word of God with the youth. Michael’s message was shared from Luke chapter 16, verse 19 – the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. They focused on the rich man and his cry for mercy from his torment in hell. Michael noted three points from this piece of scripture;

  1. The man cried out too late – he waited until he was dead before he cried out for mercy.
  2. He cried out to the wrong person – The rich man cried out to Abraham, but Abraham could not do anything. He should have been calling out to Jesus Christ as He is the only one that can extend Mercy.
  3. He was asking the wrong question – because the rich man had no realisation of his sinfulness he was merely asking relief from his suffering in hell and not forgiveness of his sins.

After the gathering Michael reported back that it was a joyous occasion indeed and that he really enjoyed to worship alongside the fellow believers in this village. They love the Lord dearly and love to sing His praises.

En route back to the mission base they realised that Pastor Davy’s motorbike was leaking oil from the engine. A closer inspection revealed that a tree stump had caused a puncture and oil was pouring out of the engine into the dug out canoe. Due to the heaviness of both Michael and pastor Davy being on the motorbike and also to avoid the swampy and heavy sand areas, they opted to take the narrow footpath routes to travel to the village once on the plains. Along the way a low lying stump was hit, damaging the engine. Thank goodness this only occurred on their way back to the mission base and they only had to push the motorbike up a hill to get home safely.

Once back at the mission base Michael and Pastor Davy set out to repair the hole using Pratley Putty and the bike is now in working condition again.

As a missionary in the bush, multiple handyman skills are needed as literally anything can happen on an outreach trip.

We are thankful to Pastor Davy who took Michael along to Kambuya village and we trust that the Word that was shared has impacted the spirits of the youth in attendance and that they too will cry out to Jesus Christ for mercy and the forgiveness of their sins so that they can experience life everlasting with our Father.