About us


The Calling:
In 1997, at the call of God, Founders Johan (John) and Lesley Leach stepped out of the secular world of employment, comfort, and safety and by faith alone embarked on a journey of serving the Cross-cultural Indigenous Church. Their God given gift is the ability to work alongside others, in uniting, co-ordinating and facilitating Church leaders/elders into a cohesive effective force, where Effective Evangelism, Strong Discipleship and Church Planting can take place. Johan and Lesley continue to pioneer and are based in Chavuma, Northwest Province of Zambia.

What we do in summary:
Build Up, Strengthen and Remove Obstacles out of the way of the Indigenous Church wherever God takes us. (Isaiah 57 vs 14)
We do this by Facilitating and Co-working within the Body of Christ, with those members who God brings together to achieve that which He alone demands in line with Scripture,
1 Corinthians chapter 12.

To date, and predominantly in Remote and War-Torn areas, through much prayer and perseverance, together with fellow co-workers and partnerships, many Disciples, as instructed by our Lord Jesus and written in the gospels of Matthew chapter 28, and Mark chapter 16, known as ‘The Great Commission’, have been Trained up and Equipped, resulting in many souls being saved from eternal death, many Indigenous Churches being planted and solid Bible Teaching given.
New Believers are thus strengthened, resulting in a victorious lifestyle.

To execute The Great Commission, provision along with facilitation through transportation is provided, such as motorcycles, 4x4 vehicles, oxcarts, food, camping equipment etc.

Along with The Great Commission comes good works, for without works faith is dead as stated in the book of James chapter 2.
With this understanding we co-work and partner at bringing relief to the thirsty by installing freshwater boreholes, providing food and clothing to the poor, hungry, and naked. (Matt 25 vs 31-46). Diverse and appropriate short-term projects are also addressed.



God willing:

• Along with our Co-workers and fellow members, we endeavour to expand and duplicate the Chavuma Mission Model, throughout Eastern Angola, Zambia, and Northern Zimbabwe.
• Identify, facilitate and co-ordinate assistance to the Indigenous Missionaries and Church in South Africa.
• Work alongside and assist internationally, where the Lord opens the doors.