Alpha Camp Update – 18 July 2020

admin Uncategorized July 22, 2020

Today, I vividly remembered a moment in time – in those youthful days – when I used to make homemade cars with friends and cousins, and how much fun it was. Nowadays, I have advanced to google mechanic, fixing trailers and cars. Not quite as much fun!

It was a hive of activity out there today. These 2 youngsters created for themselves some form of amusement out here – pushing theirs cars around – while the older teenagers were making grass bundles for the roof structure.

There is so much unity on this project. Everyone is helping; playing their part in completing this structure, where we envision not only sharing the Good News, but also training, equipping and discipling local folk.

Thanks to Jonny Fwelo, our Hub leader/evangelist, who is an experienced roof thatcher, we have less than a week to go before the roof is completed.

I also approached the local Health Department and asked them to include the Muville villages in the future when they do mobile clinic services. I made the Waymakers Alpha Camp available to them to use as a base on the few days that they would need it to render a health service to the local people – whose nearest clinic would normally be 30km (almost 19 miles) away!

Our next step of faith in this project, is to install a solar water pump system, which would alleviate the need to go down to the river for water. It would also enable us to install a flushable toilet, shower booth, and wash basin with running water. All very helpful amenities for future outreaches and possible health services. Those families closest to this facility would certainly benefit too.

If you are interested in playing your part in making this happen, do get in touch or if you would like to contribute financially, please click here and use ‘water pump’ as reference.

During my visit to check on building work progress, I came across a local watering hole for the cattle, which had very dark nutrient rich soil around it. The guys helped me to load some soil on the trailer to take back to our home (which only has river sand) – so that we can get our vegetable and herb garden going!

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