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admin Uncategorized November 5, 2020

Today, we made our own bit of history as the rain poured down: 4 of our local key leaders had their very first Zoom experience, and they loved it!

For many of you reading this, zoom calls may already be old news, but for us it provided a vital lifeline today as local church leaders received training from Harvesters for “The Bush Bible College” that will soon launch here in Chavuma (Zambia).

Pastor Teddy (CCC), Rev Davy Chinyundu and Pastor Colin Samsole (Church of the Nazarene), as well as Joseph Sakawaha (Hub leader) were among those, receiving training. Joseph is a remarkable young man, who I am discipling at the moment. He also interprets for me and shows strong leadership qualities.

This team in responsible for motivating and managing our ‘Hub Leaders’ who are primarily our “Church Planters” and mostly from CCC (Christian Community Church). Please keep them in your prayers as we respond to an invitation to also extend the Lord’s work to Angola. And continue to pray for more help in this ripe harvest field.

The 6 Hub Leaders in the above picture, have planted 10 new churches amongst them. They have gathered to report back as well as to receive further training and support around the practicality of this stage. These folk are from the Church of the Nazarene and the same will be done with the CCC Hub Leaders in the near future.. Phase A and all it’s components will, God willing be completed by mid January 2021.

We will also embark on “The Joseph Project” soon – feeding widows, orphans and the elderly at the various villages where people are hearing the Good News.

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