Equipping of our Hub Leaders

admin Uncategorized June 19, 2020

Luke 15 v 10:

“…. there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents”

I would like to think that all of Heaven rejoices too, when our Hub Leaders gather together in unity and purpose. Keen to be equipped. To reach the lost and weary souls, hopeless in the clutches of the enemy.

Today, was such a day. Sixteen Hub Leaders gathered here in our main house area, which is still under construction – note all the scaffolding!

Battle weary, but so committed to the course and the call. Each one with their own struggles, but spiritually re-energized to “Go!” after a good few hours of solid input.

With Fresh vision, more resources, and filled with God’s Holy Spirit. These men of Faith are always grateful for these workshops.

With your consistent prayers and support, we are able to equip them with audio & visual literature, Bibles, sleeping bags, tents, stationary, backpacks etc. ensuring thoroughly trained and equipped disciples of Jesus.

They do this in obedience to the Great Commission and purely for the love of the Gospel and seeing God’s Salvation touch the lives of destitute people – physically and spiritually changing them.

They are witness to how the atmosphere in villages change: There’s a new joy, love, kindness, goodness and all Godly character traits that come alive in the lives of the new believers. This is what inspires them: Seeing the change the Gospel brings and being a part of it.

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