Outreach to the Maville Villages

admin Uncategorized June 19, 2020

At the rise of dawn, a group of envangelists departed by boat from our Ngandu basecamp, to Mavilli village for training and outreach.


I joined them downstream a few days later. After mooring the boat and arriving at the first village, a group of young men pointed in the direction I should walk to find my men. Talk about an unplanned hiking expedition!

As I entered another village , I asked if they knew where my friends were. To which they replied, “Oh! You mean the Christians? They are ahead, over there.” I so enjoyed that analogy. These evangelists were true shining lights in the Mavilli village area.

The “over there”, turned out to be a walk of about a 1 km in soft sand. As I was quietly approaching – sneaking in, so as not to disturb – I was met by this little girl’s gracious welcome, bringing me a stool to sit down on.


I took a seat and observed the evangelists passionately sharing the Gospel. Jonny Fwelo had come through to take some pictures.

After a while we left together, and halfway to the next village, he parted to go to another. I felt like I was on a walk, like Christian, from the book “The Pilgrims Progress.” Meeting people along the way, who point me in the direction I should go.

About another 2 kms later, and a rather steep hill to climb, I eventually arrived where the next team were busy. Here 2 women gave their hearts to Christ. Praise the Lord!

The one woman just wept. She was just so overwhelmed and moved by The Spirit Of God touching her life.

On my way back to the boat, I passed through the first village, where there was a group of young men. I saw them reading the book of John that was left by my men who visited them earlier. I took the opportunity to share with them that the book of John means nothing if they don’t have Christ Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Pointing to the river in view, I reminded them: “The ngandu (crocodile) can snatch any one of you. But if you know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, you would have the assurance of an eternal life with Him.” No jaws of a crocodile could take that away from them!

Thank you for your coveted prayers.

Pushing back the enemy and ushering in the Spirit of God in the Mavilli Villages.


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