God Equips the Called

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Have you ever felt that the Great Commission in Matthew 28 is too overwhelming for you? That you do not feel equipped or ready to “Therefore, go and make disciples” You feel like you do not know where to start even though you know the story of Jesus Christ like the back of your hand? I can guarantee you are not the only one that has felt this, but just because you feel it does not mean you need to stay there.

Sharing the Gospel with loved ones, neighbours & strangers is what God has called us as Christ followers to do. To testify of what Christ did for us on the cross and show how this Good News is applicable to everyone, every day, anywhere in the world should be so part of who we are as Christians. But how often do we get deterred from sharing and testifying because of comfort, fears, deceptions and lies from the enemy, Satan.

The good news for you today, is that God does not leave you alone to drown in the comfort, fears, or deception, rather, He is with you and HE equips you to share and testify, because it was His instruction in the first pace – He is the one who called you to do so.

You may have heard the saying that “God doesn’t call the equipped but rather, He equips the called.” Basically, it means that you do not have to have a theological degree in order to share with friends, family, neighbours or strangers what Jesus has done and is still doing in your life. In fact, quite the opposite is true. God is seeking someone who is willing and available to step out in boldness – God uses this and advances His Kingdom through it.

Below is an account from Tevin, who attended a ‘Heart of Man’ teaching in the beginning of this year. The Heart of Man material is an evangelism tool which shows the different states of ‘man’s’ heart and challenges the recipient to inwardly reflect and provides an opportunity for them to respond to Christ.

Tevin’s Testimony:

“The weekend that followed after the teaching I was blessed with an opportunity to share what I’ve learnt with one of my closest friends. He was telling me about his life and how everything seems to be going wrong. Immediately I felt like I should tell him about Jesus, but I was a bit hesitant to do so as I find it easier to talk to a believer than a non-believer about Christ. To be honest I was scared – of how he would see me, how he might respond or if he would even respond at all. This has been my friend for years and for a long time we have been on the opposite sides of religion but even through my fears I found myself asking him “Why don’t you look to Jesus? “. The wait for his response seemed like hours and eventually he told me that he gave up on religion and was not willing to go back into it. Even though I expected it, it was the response I was afraid of, however, I was persistent and told him I will walk him through discovering more about Jesus and if he wants to stop at any time, we will. He finally agreed and we set a date and time to start. Suddenly I was not scared anymore and was filled with an even greater urge to share the Gospel with him. I don’t remember having as much of a drive ever in doing something as I did when going through the Heart of Man material. I still talk to him about Jesus and even though he has not yet submitted his life to Christ I believe that God is working in his heart. I also believe God was working in my heart and gave me the confidence I needed to share His word.”

How awesome is God!

God equipped Tevin by giving him the opportunity to attend the training which gave him the confidence to step out of his comfort zone AND THEN provided an opportunity for him to action what he was taught through giving him an opportunity with his friend. This is such a beautiful picture of God never leaving nor forsaking us but also a picture of God equipping those He has called for His great purpose. In this instance God equipped Tevin through attending a teaching but your story and equipping can look different.

All God needs is a willing and available heart,

all He needs is your willing and available heart to step through your comfort, fears, or deception into the purposes He has for you.

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