Perseverance for the Gospel

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Peter is one of our Hub Leaders reaching across the Zambian border into Angola who has recently endured much for the sake of the Gospel. Along with his two canoes, materials and food supplies Peter was taken across the border to continue with his mission.

Below is his account translated from Luvale into English.

A Report from Mihova Angola.

“Mihova is in the province of Moxico, bordering Zambia and close to the Chavuma district. After Hub Training in Chavuma I set off for the Mihova trip with John Leach, the Missionary who sacrificed his vehicle and time to escort me up to Nyakahilu Lake which is a distance across the Zambian border into Angola. It was here that I was left while the Missionary John returned to Zambia.

After spending the night at the lake, I rose early the next morning to walk to the local Chief’s palace which took me two hours. I met with the Chief and narrated my intentions of my mission to preach the Gospel of Jesus in his jurisdiction and I showed him the materials (Canoes, Evangelism materials, Bibles and food) I had left behind at the lake. The Chief was very happy, especially regarding the issue of sinking bore holes for fresh water. He then ordered some of his men to go and help in the transportation of the materials to bring them home using ox carts.

The Chief took me to the Angolan Migration post for introduction. Once there we told them of our mission to Mihova and the prospect of bringing clean and good water through boreholes. We also told them about the materials and canoes, explaining the canoes were for easy movement along the Lungevungu River. The Angolan migration officers were overwhelmed with this report but wanted to physically inspect the materials.

The following day I was summonsed to the same Angolan camp. This was because their senior officer from another large camp was informed of my arrival and mission in Mihova – they wanted to meet me for some queries. This time they ordered me to carry the canoes and meet them at the river where four soldiers came to meet me. They jumped into the canoes and took some photos of me. After this they took me to their camp for further discussion. I was again asked to explain why I found myself in Angola with such materials at hand. I told them of my mission to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the communities of Mihova. I told them that there would be others who would come after me. I also told them my desire to help with clean water bore holes. In no time I was sharing the Gospel with them. Thereafter I was taken to Makena, their big camp. At Makena I was again asked what I was doing in the area. I told them the same story.

After two days under their custody I was transferred to the main camp at Lumbala Ngimbu where I was further interrogated. I answered the same. This did not satisfy them. They threatened me to tell the truth, failure to which they promised to have my hand cut off or be sent to prison. The only discussion I had with them was to share the Gospel with them, day and night. This is what I did during my detention at the camp.

On day five they seemed to acknowledge my message. They started loving me and the Gospel of Jesus. On day six I was released to go back to Mihova.

They packed a variety of foodstuff for me and arranged transport for me to return to Mihova Camp. On my return to Mihova they refused to give me my canoes, instead I was again instructed to go for documents in Lumbala Ngimbu to permit me to carry on with preaching activities. After a week’s rest, I went with the Chief back to Lumbala Ngimbu. There the senior head denied having called me back the second time. They stated they had no case against me. I was instructed to get back to Mihova once more.

During the trip I continued to distribute the Book of John. The people are very hungry for the Word and requested more reading material and Bibles in Portuguese. On my way back to Mihova I went to the border post at Kalipande for the necessary documentation to make moving around easier. On hearing the Gospel and all that we intend to do in Jesus’ Name, such as sinking bore holes for fresh water, those at the border post requested we assist them as well. On my way back to Mihova I was advised to take a short cut- after walking for ten hours, I came across the Kawuyama River where I got lost. Twelve hours later, wondering in the bush, with no water or food, I came back onto the road I had known. I fell asleep there for the night and around 01:00am I arose and returned to Mihova at 10:00am.

Back at the Mihova army camp I narrated to them that the senior head at the main camp had not called me. This time they listened and agreed to give back my canoes that they had confiscated on the very first day.

These are some of the hardships and challenges I have undergone.

Nevertheless, these difficult days have yielded good results.

Many people have heard the Gospel, come to God and they have Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.”

Thirty four names have been added to the Body of Christ and we trust for many more souls to come to know our Lord Jesus.

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