Peter From Kasupa

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Peter Kambulo – also known as Peter “Kasupa” as he now resides in Kasupa village – is an incredibly hard-working husband, father, evangelist and now, with God’s Grace and Power, a church planter. Peter is relocating from Chavuma, Zambia to Kasupa, Angola where he has been working for quite some time in bringing the Gospel to the people there. Peter has recently been spending time in Chavuma to receive training as a hub leader with other local leaders and pastors. Hub leaders have a focused vision to plant and govern churches in their local area – over and above sharing the Good news of Christ with the people on the plains.

Back home in Kasupa village Peter has already planted a small yet strong church with about 50 congregant members. Out of these members Peter has identified 3 individuals whom he has taken under his wing, is discipling, and currently training up as ‘student pastors’. These individuals will also be tasked to go evangelise, and plant churches. The vision of ‘flooding’ and saturating the plains with the Word of God cannot depend on one or two men alone – our leaders must continually identify and raise up men who can replicate what they, as hub leaders, are already doing. In order to see the Bride of Christ grow in Chavuma and beyond we must firstly rely upon the Word of God and our heavenly Father for wisdom and guidance and secondly, have sustainable systems and resources that are easy to replicate and implement.

We have partnered with Harvesters Bible School who have dedicated time and resources to bring bible school training to the bush – they have equipped our people in a deeper theological understanding of the Word but also trained them in how to make disciples and plant churches. With the advancement of technology and Africa GPRS network being spread out across the continent, more and more individuals have access to cell phone technology. This, in partnership with Harvesters Bible School has enabled us to issue relevant hub leaders (including Peter) with a smart phone each. This smart phone is loaded with software that will assist our hub leaders in planting churches and sharing the Good News of Christ.

Each smart phone has the Heart of Man evangelism material downloaded on it available in many different languages. This is great news to our hub leaders as they can now present and share the Gospel in groups (using the flip chart and booklets as seen in picture above) BUT ALSO sit one on one with someone and present the Gospel to them in their own language using the smart phone device. This is a genuine answer to prayer as there are 63 different languages here in Zambia and our leaders are faced with a barrier where many times the locals do not understand or speak each other’s tribal language. Having these devices with many different languages allows our evangelists and leaders to reach out to an even greater audience for our Lord Jesus. The software for Harvesters Bible School is also downloaded on the device which means that each leader gets the training material in their own language.

Harvesters Bible School Head Office has also designed and installed an app onto each smart phone which picks up the leaders GPS signal allowing head office to stay up to date with the number of church plants taking place, the exact location of the village, photos which our leaders upload and update as well as the number of congregants is registered in the app.n

The Word of God is getting established in the hearts of individuals on the plains and we can only praise God for this. God is faithful to His Word and to His People. Let us continue to pray for Peter, his family and our other leaders and pastors as they dedicate their lives to saturating the plains of Chavuma, Zambia and Angola with Word of God.


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