Lift Your Eyes To See God Working

admin Uncategorized June 4, 2021

Two Months ago, Peter embarked on his journey back to his home village in Kasupa, Angola, where he and his family will reside and trust God for the advancement of His Kingdom in their local area.

On his journey Peter has encountered many little villages and shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with them. What is incredible about Peter’s journey is how we can see that God’s intention is not only to make sure Peter and the team get home safely, but for God to encounter His children along the way.

The few stories below show how, as children of God, our eyes and ears should always be lifted to Heaven along our different journey’s, to see and hear what God is doing. God always wants to encounter His children and make Himself known to them – but sometimes we miss the opportunities put in front of us to be the vessels of Good News to the world around us.

nIn the pictures below you can see Peter sharing the Gospel in a small village using the Heart of Man material and a few individuals responding to this Good News of Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. So far sixteen individuals have responded and submitted their lives to Christ. We thank God for this and trust that these sixteen individuals will continue to share the Good News with their friends and relatives close to them.

Last week Peter arrived at a ferry as he was crossing over a river nearby a village – here he encountered a woman who had been poisoned. Peter stopped his travels to pray for the woman and the Lord healed and restored her. Following Jesus’ example that we see in the Bible, Peter pointed all the women straight to God and gave Him all the glory for the miracle. What an opportunity to share the Gospel! The women that were watching all this happen, came to know Jesus and some submitted their lives to Him as their hearts were softened and open because the Lord had healed their friend / sister / mother. In the picture below you can see Peter praying for the woman as she lies under cover in the shade surrounded by her friends and family trusting for a miracle. In the picture on the right, you see the village women and some children showing their gratitude (through song and dance).

Sometimes we are so focused on getting to our destination that we miss what God is doing along the way. Peter’s journey back home speaks to us of obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit and a deep love for the lost and broken hearted we encounter. Let our eyes and ears always be open and our heart’s soft to the guiding of God’s Spirit.


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